Goldberg Shoots On His First Impressions Of Gillberg


Goldberg was one of the most unstoppable and intimidating forces in all of professional wrestling’s history. Gillberg was not. Despite that, Gillberg was still one the most humorous characters ever created. Complete with a sparkler entrance, a not so impressive physique, and a losing streak, Gillberg was more than just your average jobber. Unfortunately, the man Bill Goldberg, didn’t find his clone as funny as we all did.

Goldberg was recently interviewed by GameSpot where he revealed he was really angry about the birth of the Gillberg character.


“I wanted to cut his head off, and then I wanted to cut everyone’s head off that came up with the idea. I took it violently in the beginning.”

Although Goldberg and Gillberg didn’t quite get off on the right foot, Goldberg confirmed that he is now on great terms with his stunt double. He also revealed how he wishes he acted when he first was pitched the idea.

“I should have been honored that they would think enough of me to copy, in a negative way, and try to poke fun at me. Because if I didn’t evoke a feeling in them, then they wouldn’t have done that. So, there was a reason for it, and I hold nothing against the guy, and I’m greatly appreciative that one more person in the professional wrestling business got a job because I don’t know what he was doing prior to that. Hey man, good for him.”

Goldberg also mentioned that the two have buried the hatched in person, even taking a picture together to help commemorate the moment.

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