Goldust Shoots On AEW


Goldust has been away from WWE over the last few months filming a horror movie, however, he’s still keeping close tabs on the wrestling world. Goldust’s brother, Cody announced he will be part in charge of All Elite Wrestling, a new revolutionary promotion. Considering his family ties to the federation, Goldust sat down with the WINCLY podcast to discuss how he feels about AEW, whether or not he’d ever wrestle for them, and more.

“This is big for Cody. This is very big for the wrestling community. This is going to go somewhere. I hope so, he’s my brother. I wish nothing but the best for him.”


WINCLY proceeded to ask Goldust if he believes the hype behind the company; can they compete with the WWE? Goldust believes that if AEW can get a TV deal, we could experience a Monday Night Wars type of wrestling promotion showdown.

“Hopefully they get a good tv deal because tv’s important. But I have no doubt that Cody, him being a Rhodes, and watching and learning as much as he has over his short career, it is incredible. I sit back in awe and thinking about Pops and I know Dad is grinning from that rally and is very, very proud, as I am as his older brother. I see nothing but a bright future… It’s something the world needs to grasp hold of because Cody is a Rhodes. The wrestling community loves the Rhodes Family, not only loves them, but we know what we’re doing. Everyone makes mistakes along the way, but we learn from our mistakes. We learn and we watch as much as possible before we do any big move like this and this is a big move.”So, let’s do it. I wanna see him succeed.”

Finally, Goldust was asked whether or not he would ever wrestle for AEW in which he answered: “I have been WWE for the last 24 years,” stated Goldust. “I’ve had little stints where I’ve left but I’ve always come back. It’s been home for me. But now being 49 years old, granted I can still go with the best of them, but not like a 45 minute match…. With these last two knee surgeries, as much as I love film, I’m looking forward to acting right now and doing something different than wrestling. My acting career is a dream I’ve always had and I’ve accomplished one dream so I want to accomplish acting. 

Although Goldust claims that he won’t be wrestling for AEW, rumors are still rampant that he will make appearances at least. AEW Double or Nothing will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, May 25, 2019.

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