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NewsGrayson Waller - 'Edge Wasn't Ready For Me'

Grayson Waller – ‘Edge Wasn’t Ready For Me’



Grayson Waller appeared on WWE’s ‘The Bump‘ earlier today and addressed his loss to Edge on last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his big week: “I’m not surprised, to be honest. When I got drafted to SmackDown, this is what I knew was gonna happen. If you talk about a one-week period in WWE history? I have Logan Paul on the show, global superstar Logan Paul. I’m then in The O2 Arena in London, sold-out arena with John Cena, and then a week later, my main roster debut is in the main event at Madison Square Garden against Hall of Famer Edge. I think that might be the biggest week in the history of WWE for one performer, and as Edge said, I swam, too. I’m real good at what I do, lad. I keep telling people.”

On being in the main event at Madison Square Garden: “I gotta be honest, it’s surreal. You think about these things for a long time, and then all of a sudden, it’s happening. You’re talking about him going out, not being in the ring for a few months. What about Grayson Waller? Last time I was in a ring, I broke my leg against Carmelo Hayes. So this performance in the main event at Madison Square Garden, I did barely two months after breaking my leg. So congrats, Edge, you beat 60% Grayson Waller. I’d love to see what you could do against 100% Grayson Waller because I guarantee [you], that Spear isn’t enough. He wasn’t ready for what was in my arsenal. You could even see the look on his face a few times. He was surprised. I don’t think he was ready for what I had.”

On backing up his talk in the ring: “I’m sure as a ten-year-old, when I was a fan, that would have been a huge moment, but for me, I’m not a fan anymore. Personally, I think a lot of people say a lot about Grayson Waller because I talk because I have the talk show. I talk a big game, but the thing is, every time I get in the ring, I back it up. For someone like Edge to basically tell the world, ‘Hey, he’s as good as he says he is,’ that meant a lot. It wasn’t from a fan perspective that it was a cool moment. It was from a professional perspective, that someone that’s done so much in this business recognized that yeah, I talk a lot, but I back it up every time.”

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