Greg Valentine Praises WWE Talents, Ryder’s Bump, More


— Both Joey Styles and Mick Foley reacted to Zack Ryder’s big bump last night on RAW, posting the following on Twitter. Joey Styles tweeted the following: “That was one the worst falls I have ever seen and that includes Original ECW.” As noted earlier, Mick Foley tweeted the following: “Yeah, @Joeystyles I’m legit concerned for @zackryder. There’s just way too much risk there. That fall off the ramp might not be something you can get through with fortitude and ice packs. Zack has such a bright future; I hate to see his knees, ankles and spine at such risk. That’s the type of thing that could cost him weeks or months at the most vital time of his career.”

The Glens Falls Post-Star has an article up on Donnie “Brendon” Bronson, the man that falsely advertised wrestlers for signings and they closed up his sports memorabilia store overnight after selling tickets for the signings. While several customers said that they would contact the local police, the Sherriff’s office noted that no one had filed charges yet. You can check that out at

— has an article up with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. In the article, he is very complimentary of Randy Orton, John Cena and The Big Show. Here is what he had to say about the three…

On Orton: “Randy Orton has that old-school style in his repertoire, which I love watching; a purist in every sense of the word.”

On Cena: “John Cena is a very hard-working individual in the ring. I feel that we could match up pretty well together.”

On Big Show: “I wrestled Big Show in WCW, but his in-ring style has come a long way since then. I feel we could have a very entertaining match.”

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