Gunner Shoot Interview – Locker-Room Atmosphere, Ribbing & More


In an interview with the Huffington Post’s Royal Ramblings bloggers, Gunner has spoken about his personal and professional life. The article with exclusive additional content for ewrestlingnews can be found here. Highlights include: 

On the dressing room atmosphere: 
Years ago, I did stuff in another company and it was like walking on egg shells backstage. One of the reasons why I re-signed with TNA is because I’m happy where I am. The Samoa Joe pep talk was blown way out of proportion though. It was the end of the tour and we’d all busted our tail for a week. The “pep talk” was Joe being a locker-room leader and telling us we’d done a hell of a job, which showed on the TV product. Joe doesn’t speak up often but when he does, you listen and it means something. 

On the UTA deal: 
We haven’t heard a lot about it but for those of us that want to push the boundaries and get into acting, its good. 

On ribbing other wrestlers: 
It’s very true, yeah! Spud did dress in my wrestling pants and do the YMCA dance. I’d have the video to show you but I think Ken Anderson has it… 

On wrestling marriages: 
I’m currently going through a divorce so I’m probably not the best person to ask! I think they can work but perhaps marrying someone outside the business might be better. It depends on the individual.

For this and more, read the full article

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