​Gunner Speaks Out – James Storm, BaseBrawl Event, Eric Young


The following are highlights of a new interview with TNA star Gunner:

On teaming and feuding with former partner James
“I’ve always been a tag team fan so to get a chance to team
with Storm was great because he had been in two very important and very
successful tag teams, as far as Beer Money and America’s Most Wanted. I was at
home for 8 or 9 months kinda, sitting in limbo, wondering what was going on, but
when they brought me back to team with James, who’s one of the stars of the
company, that was obviously a good position for me to be in. We had a fun run
and then we got the opportunity to work with each other and carry on a fairly
successful storyline that lasted for 5 or 6 months that the fans got invested in
it. He’s a guy who goes out and works hard and I tend to think that I work hard.
When you put two guys in the ring like that they wanna give, the best

On performing on the Basebrawl shows in baseball
“It’s a different vibe because you don’t have the
acoustics that you do inside of a building as far as the crowd. It’s just really
cool, it’s an outside environment, reminds me of the old WrestleMania when I was
a kid out at the old Caesar’s Palace and all that stuff, always enjoy those
outside venues.”

On TNA World Champion Eric Young: “Eric is one of
the most entertaining and most well deserved guys that I think they’ve finally
put the title on. He’s been there for a long time. It’s a different time in
wrestling, you look at wrestling back in the 90’s it was all 250-300lb guys. I
think it’s really good for the business that it’s changed to where certain
weight classes are getting that opportunity, like when Austin Aries had the
title, I think it’s good because it gives those guys an opportunity, like Aries,
he’s an amazing talent in the ring, for those guys to get a chance to run with
the title, I think it’s good for the business.”

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