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Gunther On A Possible Brock Lesnar Match, Why He Loves Feuding With Sheamus



Gunther has had a hell of a run as the Intercontinental Champion. He had some memorable clashes with Sheamus in 2022, including a five-star match at Clash at the Castle. He also had an outstanding Royal Rumble performance, which included a staredown with Brock Lesnar.

Gunther spoke with the Battleground Podcast earlier this month and he discussed matching up with both Sheamus and Brock Lesnar. You can read highlights of his podcast appearance below:

His rivalry with Sheamus: “I think for myself personally, I think Sheamus is a fantastic opponent, because I always like matches when it’s a little bit more scrappy. Almost clumsy I would call it, if that makes sense. It makes it a little bit more authentic as well. And I think Sheamus brings a fantastic energy and the physicality that I bring as well. And I think we do really well together in the ring. The matches I had with him [last] year were one of the favorite ones of my career. And I hope we do it again.”

Wanting to face Brock Lesnar: “Oh yeah, I mean definitely. That’s like to get the opportunity to prove myself in that scenario would be fantastic.”

Being a fan of Lesnar’s work: “Yeah, I always — when I started out as a wrestler and I got back into watching wrestling again, I always watched Brock’s matches because they’ve been fantastic. [He] was a standout right away. There’s nobody like him. I always liked those characters. I mean, most of the people who do this, why they’re successful I guess that there’s no copy of that. And he’s always been a great wrestler. And from when I grew older in my career and I was able to analyze the work, and understand that psychology and stuff like that, I think you can tell that he’s one of the best to ever do it. So if I get a chance to get in the ring with him, I would gladly take it and prove myself.”

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