Gunther Reacts To His WWE Name Change, Says He’s Happy With His Presentation So Far


During a recent interview with Sport1 in Germany, WWE Superstar Gunther (WALTER) commented on his recent name change, being happy with his presentation in the company so far, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On relaxing his stance on not moving to the US: “The thought that I might have to take the step at some point [and it] was in the back of my mind. I really, really liked living in Germany, but then I thought it was time to make the leap. It is the prerequisite for being able to be at the top here. You have to be able to be on the road every weekend for WWE and you can only do that if you’re based here. So I was faced with the question: Do I want to stand still or stake everything on one card and take the risk? I have now done that.”

On Fabian Aichner not making the move to the main roster: “Fabian Aichner [is] there for the time being and that’s a pity, of course. Fabian has very good qualities as a wrestler, is a fantastic athlete. But things can always change and Marcel and I both strongly believe in it.”

On his presentation in WWE: “Clearly: There are differences. The appearance is slightly different, has a little more color, in the figurative as well as in the literal sense with the red instead of black coat with me. I can say for myself that I am satisfied with my presentation and that it is not wrong that things are changed and I have to leave my comfort zone a bit. It is such a reflex to always take a rather negative view of change at first, but in the end further development to life is simply part of it. There is this winged word “If you believe that you are already something, you will no longer do anything.” That’s right. On the other hand, I still see it as saying that despite the changes, I did not have to change in a way that does not suit me.”

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