‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan Names His Favorite Opponent


“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan appeared on a recent watch-along livestream for AdFreeShows, where he shared some thoughts on his favorite opponent. The WWE Hall of Famer named “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase as his personal favorite.

Duggan and DiBiase shared many rings together over the years, both as rivals and as tag team partners. Duggan said, I wrestled Ted a bunch, all over the place. When I came into Mid-South, I was still green. I had only been in the business like four years, I didn’t know anything. They put me and DiBiase and [Matt] Bourne together as the Rat Pack, and I started to learn the business. And I learned a lot from Ted over the years.”


Duggan captured gold in Mid-South as a tag team and a singles competitor. He and Magnum TA won the Tag Team Championships, while Duggan himself took home the North American Heavyweight Championship.

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