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News'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan Recalls His Experience Working With Bruiser Brody

‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan Recalls His Experience Working With Bruiser Brody



“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan appeared as a guest host for The Snake Pit podcast where he named Bruiser Brody as the best big man in professional wrestling. Duggan reflected on his experience working with Brody in San Antonio, TX before the latter became a breakout star in Mid-South.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Brody: “Brody’s the best big man in the business. He was a whole different guy. What a monster of a guy, what a physique. Great worker, knew how to work the office.”

On working with Brody in San Antonio: “I was in Pensacola at the time, wrestling as Wild Man Duggan. I had a 500 a week guarantee, I was living on the beach. I had a hot little girlfriend. I was living with Luke and Butch, the Sheepherders back then. And Buck Roby calls me from San Antonio territory, says, ‘Duggan, we got a good spot for you to work with Brody on top here in San Antonio.’ And I’m like, “Well, but things are going pretty good here in Pensacola.’ And Brody called me, just [said], ‘Get your butt out here and learn how to wrestle!’

“And so I went to San Antonio, and that’s where I became the Hacksaw character. That’s where I started carrying a 2X4. Then I went to Mid-South, and that’s where I got my big break, was in Mid-South.”

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