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News"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Reveals Origins Of The 2x4, Today's Wrestling Locker Room,...

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan Reveals Origins Of The 2×4, Today’s Wrestling Locker Room, More



WWE Hall Of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was recently interviewed on “The Genius Cast With Lanny Poffo” to talk about several professional wrestling topics. You can read the highlights here:

How the 2×4 originated: “[Bruiser] Brody came in and he looks at me and goes ‘Duggan,’ he says ‘if you carry something to the ring carry something you can use. Forget those feather boas and those sequined robes!’ I looked down and I’m like ‘well, here’s a piece of wood.’

“I came out yelling waving that piece of wood, it was like parting the Red Sea, those folks scattered I got to the ring and you know I’ve been carrying it ever since. It’s been a great gimmick.”

Today’s wrestling locker room: “Nowadays I think the kids now are much more professional. Nowadays, you go to the show, the kids all got their phones or their laptops. I think the kids may be even more athletic, but I don’t think they’re as creative as our generation.

“I mean our generation of guys was the golden age of wrestling. You can name ten guys without thinking. Lanny and I were lucky enough to be part of that golden age.”

Going from being a heel to “Hacksaw”: “Also, my character, I survived much longer. You can’t survive long chopping meat like that. I joke, I said to this day, I’m the last of the old-timers with all my original body parts. Everybody else got a new knee, a new hip, a new shoulder. I said ‘Hacksaw Duggan comes in the original package.’”

H/T WresteZone for the transcriptions

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