Hana Kimura’s Mother Says Reality Show Incident That Led To Cyberbullying Was Staged


We reported in May here on eWn that Hana Kimura tragically passed away at the age of 22 due to suicide. She had been cyberbullied on Twitter over an incident that took place on Terrace House, a reality show that had been airing in Japan. These was a segment during the show where Kimura knocked the hat off of fellow cast member Kai Kobayashi after he shrunk her wrestling outfit in the wash. Kyoko Kimura’s mother, Shukan Bunshin, says the costume incident was staged. Her mother says Hana told her this while they were driving and was crying while telling the story.

According to reports, the producers of the reality show wanted Hana to act violently towards Kobayashi, and told her to slap him. She apparently refused and settled on knocking off the hat instead. She told her family and friends she wanted to be a professional on TV, but producers wanted her to be obnoxious and play up a heel character to help the ratings.


The series has since shut down production.

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