Hangman Page Reveals Whether He’d Like To Appear For Tony Khan’s Ring Of Honor


During the post-AEW Revolution media scrum, AEW World Champion Hangman Page commented on Tony Khan purchasing Ring of Honor, whether he’d be interested in appearing for the brand, and more. Page said,

“Sure. I’m completely open to that. I have no idea what Ring of Honor will be going forward, so it’s hard to say anything there. I certainly wouldn’t mind showing up again. I could give you a thousand different ideas, but the truth is, whatever the hell [Tony] wants. He has a very good track record with what he’s done with AEW. Going forward, I trust this man with Ring of Honor and I care a lot about Ring of Honor. I trust Tony with it because I know he does too. He loves Ring of Honor more than I do and I worked there for a time. Whatever your intentions are, whatever your plans are, whatever you end up deciding to do, it’s a lot more people who have a job in wrestling. That’s one of the big things I was excited about with AEW. I knew all my friends who were trying to scrape by would be able to make a living doing this. That’s really the dream. To continue that, that’s a blessing. I’m happy no matter what.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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