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Happy Corbin Reveals Biggest Lesson He’s Learned From The Undertaker


WWE SmackDown Superstar Happy Corbin has said that learning to carry himself as a large man is the best lesson he’s learned from The Undertaker.

Last week, The Phenom was the headline act at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and was personally inducted by Vince McMahon.

In a recent interview on After the Bell with Corey Graves, Corbin discussed working behind the scenes with The Undertaker and the most important lesson he’s learned:

“[He’s taught me] just really how you carry yourself. That man is an icon. I’ve had these conversations with him and it’s how you carry yourself as a star. When he walks in a room, he commands attention. Again, he’s another details guy. He thinks about every little thing that he’s doing, and it’s not the matches, the moves, it’s just, ‘Does this make sense if I punch him in the face and this is the reaction?’ He’s piecing together these puzzles and worrying about every detail. ‘Is this how I walk to the ring? How long do I want to take to stand on the third step before I get in the ring?’ Those are things that 99 percent of people don’t think about.”

Corbin lost to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 38 and is expected to split with Madcap Moss soon.

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