Happy New Year EWN!


Hi everyone! It’s been an interesting 2016 with many ups and downs, but we live to see the light of another year without resorting to blowing each other up. Quite an achievement don’t you agree?

I’m happy to continue working here as an Admin and writer of all things wrestling. I appreciate your support for my work, and your following of EWrestlingNews.com. Without you lot we wouldn’t have much of a site, so as always we continue to do what we can to please. Hope you’re liking the new site layout too .. personally I find it better to look at, and on the writing side it’s like another world has opened up.

Thanks to all the EWN staff, this includes the webmaster Frank Sun, his site designer Monji and anyone who worked with them on the site this year. Heads up to Ryan Clark for coming back with a vengeance and showing why he’s been around longer than anyone. Great work as always to Andy Ravens .. who might make mistakes sometimes, but is stupidly consistent and we should appreciate that. Also thanks to Tony Mangos for being part of the site for another year, and to Kyle DaCosta and Richard Staples for posting news and writing articles in their spare time.

Who am I missing? Oh yes, there’s Danny Kaye who will be our TNA play-by-play going forward. Thanks to the Disqus mods, and Empire for leading the team. Eric Thornley will be covering other shows for us in the new year, but he’s been helping a lot on Disqus as well so can’t forget him. Lastly I’m going to thank Edge (Derek of Team Canada) for suggesting I make this post .. I was already considering it, but I might not have if he didn’t ask. Also thanks to the Disqus/Facebook/Forum communities .. if I missed anyone I didn’t mean too!

I’m aware that half of the world is already in 2017 so Happy New Year to everyone on the eastern hemisphere! Happy New Year to everyone in the UK (and GMT time) in the next hour, and Happy New Year to everyone in the west sometime soon. I’ll leave this here so you can send your wishes to each other. Have a good one!

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