The Hardy Boyz Featured On This Week’s WWE Ride Along, Jason Jordan Sends Message To Elias


— WWE has announced that a new episode of WWE Ride Along will air on the WWE Network this Monday night, immediately after WWE RAW goes off-air.

The episode will feature Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in one car, with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in another car. The description for the episode reads, “While The Hardys kick it old school, Miztourage’s Curtis Axel risks life and limb with Bo Dallas behind the wheel on the road to Boston.”

Jason Jordan sent a message to Elias before their Guitar On A Pole Match this Monday on Raw. Here is what he had to say:

“Elias, did you think you honestly think that you were going to be able to hit me with a guitar, and get away with no consequences?,” Jordan said. “You tried to end my career, and now you’re running like a scared little boy, as you should be. You thought that I was accurate when I was throwing fruit and vegetables at you at your live performance at TLC? Well, wait until you see the accuracy that I have when I’m swinging a guitar. This Monday, in Manchester, in our “Guitar On A Pole” Match, you’re stuck in the ring with me and a guitar. And you better believe that I’m going to be swinging that thing like Babe Ruth swings a baseball bat. And just like last week, your guitar is going to explode, except come Monday it’s going to be over your head!”

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