Harry Smith’s Food Poisoning, Punk/Sonnen Update


— The independent promotion “I Believe In Wrestling” in Florida is advertising an NWA and AWA title unification match. According to the ad, the match will be between Larry Zybszko, the last AWA World Champion from 1990 and Almighty Sheik, who was stripped of the NWA belt and claims to be the rightful champion. The show will be held at the Team Vision Dojo/ZERO-1 camp.

— Harry Smith got food poisoning while overseas in India for the latest set of “Ring Ka King” TV tapings. He posted the following, “Just got out of hospital in India with food poisoning. That sucked so bad”. Smith is set for a match against ROH Champion Davey Richards Saturday in Los Angeles at the WrestleReunion convention.

— Below is video of UFC’s Chael Sonnen talking about CM Punk and why he wanted him to escort him to the octagon this weekend in Chicago. Chael says he and the WWE Champion will have dinner after the UFC event on Saturday night.

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