Harvey Wippleman Calls The Rock A ‘Wonderful Person’, Mike Bailey Talks Pro Wrestling


Harvey Wippleman enjoys a longtime friendship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whom he labeled as a “wonderful person” on a recent edition of the “Developmentally Speaking” podcast.

Wippleman said, “Wonderful person. I’ve known him since he was a child. We’re very close. I would literally die for him. He’s made my life. I’ll be 58 years old Friday. I never dreamed that in my late 50s, I was gonna have a brand new trajectory in life, and I owe it to him.


I’ll never, ever forget him for it. If he needs a place to live right now, which, I can’t see that happening, but if he did, I would certainly open my doors to him. He’s welcome here any time.”

Impact Wrestling star Mike Bailey took to Twitter to explain what professional wrestling means to him.

Bailey addressed how wrestling isn’t about being rich or famous but instead is several other things. He wrote,

“People think that Pro Wrestling is about getting rich. People think that Pro Wrestling is about getting on TV. People thing that Pro Wrestling is about becoming famous.

But in reality…

Pro Wrestling is about figuring out a way to incorporate a dance number into your matches.

Pro Wrestling is about trying to make faces from memes in your match.

Pro Wrestling is about trying to pull your pants down in front of a large crowd without also showing backsack.

Pro Wrestling is about asking your loved ones if doing this new spot where you honk like a goose is funny or just dumb.

Pro Wrestling is about wearing sequined tights judgment free.

Pro Wrestling is about wondering if you should respond to that guy’s email offering 500$ for pictures of your feet.

Pro Wrestling is about also changing your LEGAL NAME to Eustace J. Thunderfire.

Pro Wrestling is about never feeling OILY enough for Pro-wrestling.”

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