Has Sting Spoken With Triple H Regarding A WWE Debut Yet?, The Latest On His WWE Status & More


Prior to his Comic-On appearance yesterday, Sting spoke with WWE.com about
working with the WWE. Here are some highlights…

* When asked why now in
regards to working with WWE, it is just time to do so for him.

* He says
his relationship with WWE is good. Despite the rumors, he has talked with Triple
H and they have a great relationship.

* The buzz from the video for his
appearance in 2k15 has blown him away.

* He is excited to have his first
“WWE” action figure.

* On WCW’s purchase, it happened really fast and was
surreal. He had thoughts of going to WWE, but time went on and he had a contract
“that wouldn’t allow him” to work for WWE.

* He has talked on and off
with WWE about the possibility of coming in. He laughs at people thinking he
never would come to WWE; he never said that he wouldn’t go to WWE. He puts over
Orton, Cena, Rock and Triple H.

* * He regrets that Undertaker’s streak
ended, he wanted it intact so he could see if he was the guy to end

He has had good talks with Vince over the years, and Vince always
said that someday they’d do business, and he was right because there is
something here.

* It feels good to get his foot in the door with WWE
through the video game and action figures. He is willing to see what

* It feels good to be here with WWE, and it will be Showtime if
he ever gets to step into a WWE ring.

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