HBK Signs New Endorsement Deal, Ziggler Note, RAW/SD


— Financial website The Motley Fool has posted an article criticizing the WWE business model as the reason for the decline in the company’s stock price. The article brings up Internet piracy and losing market share to UFC as two of the major problems, and also suggests ways to improve the business model.

Richmond Magazine has an interview up with Dolph Ziggler, where he discusses WWE’s return to Richmond, The Hunger Games, being a “Mathlete,” and more. You can read that interview at http://www.richmondmagazine.com/

— On June 30th, WWE will be holding a RAW & SmackDown Supershow at the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, Louisiana. Tickets go on sale May 12th, 2012 at 10AM.

— Shawn Michaels has signed a deal with EyeBlack produce a custom line of their product. Here is an excerpt from the press release they sent out…

EyeBlack, the company that started a sports revolution by combining logos, phrases and bible verses with EyeBlack, today announced a partnership with Shawn Michaels, former WWE Superstar and current star of the Outdoor Channel’s show Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures. Michaels will serve as an ambassador for the company and will collaborate with EyeBlack to produce a customized product line.

The licensing agreement signed between Michaels and EyeBlack gives EyeBlack the rights to create and sell product featuring Michael’s trademark phrases and nicknames including: Showstopper, Mr. HOF, and Mr. Hall of Fame. EyeBlack will also produce custom designs printed on camouflage EyeBlack for Michael’s hit show MacMillan River Adventures.

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