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NewsHBK Speaks Out - Razor Ramon + The Next Showstopper?

HBK Speaks Out – Razor Ramon + The Next Showstopper?



— Shawn Michaels tweeted the following earlier today: “WWE Network crew is here setting up. Multiple interviews apparently for various programming. Do I have to pay to get the channel? :-)”

— Speaking of Shawn Michaels, he recently spoke with about his various classic WrestleMania matches, which one he would prefer to do over and who he thinks is likely to take his place as the “showstopper.” Here are some highlights:

On the endurance of his WrestleMania X match with Razor Ramon: Over the years, the ladder itself has become the central figure of that particular stipulation, but in our situation, it served as a backdrop for something much bigger. We were two guys claiming rightful ownership of those titles, and the ladder was just there as a way for us to prove who was the best. Now, the ladder is the primary element, and these matches are often about what the contestants can do with it.

Which match he would like to do over: The one I always come back to is my match against Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV. I just wasn’t in a great place physically or emotionally. That one could have been so much more. Steve didn’t get me at my best. And that’s unfortunate, because it was the last time I got to work with him. Steve went on to such great things afterward, and I had an opportunity to make that match so much more.

Who is the next showstopper?: I never like these questions, because I always feel like I’m leaving someone out. But I will say that I could watch Randy Orton and John Cena over and over again. Randy has come so far, and his persona is so strong and dark. I look into his eyes and he’s got me. Some of the matches contested between John and Randy have been phenomenal.

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