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NewsHeath Remarks On Becoming A More Serious Wrestler In Impact

Heath Remarks On Becoming A More Serious Wrestler In Impact



Pro wrestling fans probably recognize Impact Wrestling’s Heath (formerly Heath Slater in WWE) as a comedic performer. His run in WWE featured a lot of comedic moments, from his time in 3MB to being an undrafted wrestler during the brand split to an improbable tag title run with Rhyno on SmackDown. But he’s trying to shake that “comedic” tag, and said so in an interview with Sportskeeda recently. Heath has been feuding with Honor No More for some time in Impact Wrestling.

Heath said, It’s one of the things that were like… naturally, I’m a funny guy anyway. I like to cut up, I like to have a good time and all that stuff, but if you get out of line, I’ll bust your a**, you know what I’m saying? It’s one of those things where like, in WWE, man, they give you a script, you gotta go with it. Yes, I’m pretty good with the little comedy schtick just because I’m not afraid to make an ass of myself. But when I went to IMPACT [Wrestling], I knew everyone was thinking ‘if Heath shows up somewhere, he’s just gonna start doing the same little comedy role,’ to when I first got to IMPACT, we were wanting to be serious about me. I told them, ‘Hey, I ain’t gonna be the butt end of any of these jokes anymore. If anything I’m gonna be the one making the jokes. I want to have fun. I still want to be that charismatic guy but I want to be a more serious guy.’ They said okay and let’s run with it. The good thing about IMPACT is that they listen, they’re good at storytelling and they let you actually have some say in what you want to do. Other places, you don’t get that option.”

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