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NewsHeath Says Bill DeMott Was A "Drill Sergeant" As WWE's Head Trainer

Heath Says Bill DeMott Was A “Drill Sergeant” As WWE’s Head Trainer



Impact Wrestling’s Heath has spoken about how Bill DeMott ran the WWE Performance Center like a drill sergeant with a platoon, during the latter’s time as head trainer.

In 2012, DeMott replaced Tom Prichard as the head trainer for Florida Championship Wrestling and kept the role once WWE revamped NXT and launched the Performance Center.

Speaking to Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Heath spoke about DeMott’s intensity while trying to train the Superstars of tomorrow. He said,

“He’s a damn tough coach… He’s just a damn drill sergeant of a coach. And a lot of people don’t have thick skin that can take that either.”

In 2015, DeMott resigned from WWE after a series of allegations that he forced talent to undergo dangerous drills and was abusive toward the talent.

In the interview, Heath said that he never saw this alleged darker side to the former Hugh Morrus. He added,

“I didn’t really get the brute, upfront craziness that he brought but I got the tail end of it to where I’m like ‘holy crap, this is nuts,’ you know?

“He never did anything to me to make me hate him.”

At the time of his resignation, DeMott refuted the allegations against him but said he was stepping down “to avoid any embarrassment or damage” to WWE.

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