Heath Slater Reacts to His Return on RAW, Thanks His “Brother” Drew McIntyre


Following his return on last night’s WWE RAW broadcast, Heath Slater was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber. He said,

“I’m knocked silly right now, being honest, but it was just something that had to be done. You know, me and Drew, we go way back. He is a brother of mine, and he promised me something, you know, and I wanted it. You know, so I confronted him and thank God it happened, but then again, you know, he’s the man. He’s the champ, and he’s my best friend; a brother inside and outside the ring. Pretty sure he still loves me. After he helped me up, he gave me a hug. I hope anyway because he’s a bad dude. But no, this was a nice closing of a chapter. So, let’s see what the future brings for me.”

McIntyre also took to Twitter following the show, thanking Heath Slater. He said,

“Heath is my brother, something I now realize you never were Dolph. I took pity on you at first, but after that stunt tonight I’m going to severely hurt you. Extreme Rules can’t come soon enough.”

Slater also tweeted the following,

“I love you all. Thank you my friend my brother @DMcIntyreWWE.”

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