Heath Slater Recalls his Memories of Nexus’ Rise and Fall


Former WWE star Heath Slater joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast to talk about the rise and fall of The Nexus group that he was part of. Here are the highlights:

The rise with their debut: 

“It was one of the moments where people are still talking about it a decade later. People still remember it! I always say it in the locker room, ‘Hey, we need to bring NEXUS back’ and they’re like, ‘Heath, that was seven years ago. Stop it!’ But I’m telling you, if NEXUS came back full tilt and Wade came back as our leader and we had the solid seven, then man! Watch out now,” exclaimed Slater.

The start of the fall by the infamous SummerSlam match: 

“It all goes down to the SummerSlam as that was the death of us. With [Cena] beating everyone at the end, it’s just one of those things where it’s like, ‘C’mon man.’ We could have easily took over, ran with it, made it interesting and then made a mega-group to destroy us at ‘Mania or something. It could have been so good but it got ended shortly. But then again there’s been a lot of storylines that ended shortly,” stated Slater.

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