​Heath Slater Takes To Social Media To Campaign For A WWE Contract – Updated


UPDATE x 2: Rhyno has accepted the offer but who knows if it could be a setup after he “gored” him recently.

UPDATE: As seen on WWE SmackDown Live!, Heath Slater interrupted the opening segment on SmackDown and came in through the crowd to a big pop. Slater was wearing his “Free Agent” shirt. Slater said he has come so close these last two weeks to getting a Smackdown Live contract. Bryan and McMahon want to take it right from him. Slater says he’ll let bygones be bygones, but he wants them to make him a Michael Phelps by giving him “a little gold”. Bryan said Slater isn’t exactly equipped to challenge for the Women’s Championship. Slater mockingly laughed at him before saying he is not a woman. Bryan makes a face like Slater missed the joke. Slater was talking about the Tag Team Titles. McMahon said he’s not equipped to challenge for the Tag Team Championships. First, he’s not a member of the roster. Secondly, he doesn’t have a tag team partner. Slater said he can go in the back and guarantee he’ll find someone that will stand by his side. Slater said he and his partner will enter the tournament and win. Bryan said if he finds a partner by the end of the night, they’ll find a tag team for him to compete against and turn this into an eight-team tournament. McMahon added that since he’s guaranteeing victory, the only way he’ll be a member of the roster is if he wins the entire tournament. Slater said they will not regret this and he will find a partner. Slater leaves to find the partner. So far, he’s been turned down by AJ Styles, The Miz and current WWE agent/producer Arn Anderson but the show is still ongoing. We’ll provide updates later.

ORIGINAL: Heath Slater tweeted the following during Monday’s WWE RAW broadcast, addressing the “We Want Slater” chants:

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