Heels On Starz Viewership For Season 1 Finale Episode


The numbers are in for the season finale of the Starz series “Heels.”

According to Wrestlenomics, 81,000 people tuned into the final episode of the first season.

By comparison, the previous week’s show drew 73,000 viewers.

In the coveted 18-to-49 year-old demographic, Heels pulled a 0.01 rating, with 18,000 viewers. This is down from the 0.02 rating, with 29,000 viewers that the show drew in the same demo the previous week.

The first episode of the season is still, by far, the most-viewed in the series thus far. When factoring in delayed viewing of the initial airing and DVR replays, 647,000 viewers tuned into the series premiere across 18 airings.

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