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Hell in a Cell

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With Hell in a Cell coming October 26 this year, there has been a lot of predictions about main events and other matches. Though WWE has this PPV highly anticipated the last PPV was kind of damaged with the removal of Roman Reigns due to injury and still being put out of service leaves a lot for this PPV to be anticipated. One of the bigger fights is going to be The Rock fighting Rusev in most likely either the event match or a prelude to the event match where John Cena or Dean Ambrose will end up fighting Seth Rollins. Although in the end we know that whoever loses out of Cena and Ambrose will still mess up the final match and cause the winner to win by DQ.

With Hell in a Cell coming we’ve seen nothing of Brock Lesnar, so it’s probably going to be noted that he’s not going to show up during this PPV since he hasn’t made a TV appearance in the last couple weeks. 

Via this highlights the statement of Brock Lesnar’s Contract with WWE and why he most likely wont show up at Hell in a Cell.

The original deal, which saw Brock work just a handful of dates per year, which were all known months in advance, is still in place. That means he’s guaranteed the big-money matches the two parties have already agreed on, but it’s likely you’ll see Lesnar work the majority of PPV events while he remains champion.”

With that stated there’s a larger chance that Brock Lesnar won’t be in a PPV until a later date since his contract with WWE doesn’t expire until after Wrestlemania 31. So with the return of The Rock for uncertain reasons (in order to boost ratings or purchase of PPV/WWE network) has returned. This adds a lot of variables in place for future events including Hell in the Cell leading up to Wrestlemania where The Rock could have a chance at fighting Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title only to lose it to Seth Rollins by cashing in his Money in the Bank. 

Even though Hell in a Cell is just around the corner, there hasn’t been a lot of matches portrayed on who is going to wrestle who. Though in the end we will end up seeing the same matches from previous Raw and Smackdown episodes; such as Stardust and Goldust wrestling against the Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championship titles. I also expect to see AJ Lee wrestling in either a tag team match or a singles match against either Alicia Fox or Paige.

With all the unpredictablity that has happened in the last few nights of wrestling, what do you expect to see from this Pay Per View?

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