Helms Criticizes Kelly Kelly, Bret Hart Praises Punk/Y2J


Shane Helms isn’t a fan of a number of WWE Divas it seems. This week during the Raw broadcast, Helms tweeted that Kelly Kelly should “really concentrate on tightening up her work.” He added, “Not one single thing she does looks like it hurts. Too unbelievable.”

Last week during the Raw broadcast, Helms tweeted about Aksana. He said “Geez, Askana is …. not good.”

After being name-dropped by CM Punk on Raw, Bret Hart took to Twitter to praise both Punk and Chris Jericho for their promo work. He said, “That was probably the best promo I’ve seen in months & I’m not saying that bc of the shoutout. Punk & Jericho were on the top of their game”.

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