Highlights From Today’s Hulk Hogan/WWE Conference Call – Would He Wrestle Again?, Lots More


Credit: Larry Csonka

The call started at 1:01PM ET. The call is to hype this weekend’s one-hour
WrestleMania special, which will air on NBC.

Hulk Hogan is featured
today. Softball question to kick off the call, Hogan is asked about his favorite
WM moment. Slamming Andre of course.

Hogan says that the business moves
so fast these days, and that is the big difference in the business from WM 1 to
WM 30. When asked about who he would have loved to have faced, he names Steve

Hogan is asked about the opening segment of WM 30 with he, Austin
and Rock. Hogan says there was nothing from creative as far as input. He had to
do a press conference prior to the open, and blames Stephanie (jokingly) about
the Silver Dome/Super Dome mess up because he answered so many questions about
Andre. There was no prep work between he, Austin and Rock for the

Hogan says what is old is new again, and thinks that wrestling
will get back to slowing down, telling a story and allowing less to be

Hogan is asked about his best in ring performance at WM, and says
that each match was so different. Savage was so smooth in the ring, and it made
it easy. Warrior, he had to walk Warrior through it to tell the story. With
Andre, he just listened to Andre, who set up the passing of the torch. The match
with Rock was heavily played off of the crowd. He notes the Rock match as a
personal favorite.

He is asked about this year’s WM and his favorite
match, and he says he loved Lesnar vs. Taker. He watched it backstage, and says
he knew that Taker got knocked out 2-minutes in. To see him carry on in a match
with Lesnar was impressive, says Taker is a true professional.

discusses his relationship with Vince, and the fact that they worked a match at
WM. Hogan says Vince would never ask anyone to do something he wouldn’t. Hogan
didn’t have to hold back, Vince took it and was great. He adds that Vince lived
through the wrestlers, but was one of the best as far as knowing his timing and
doing things at the right time.

Hogan is asked about the streak ending,
and says it is hard to judge the decision not knowing Taker’s personal
situation. He is torn on it, especially with Sting being around now. He thinks
Vince has a plan, and will not second-guess Vince’s decision.

When asked
about possibly getting into the ring at WM 30, Hogan says that it was never
really close. He adds that Piper was shooting his angle for a possible match,
but he has had so many issues with his back that it was just never a possibility
for him. he had 9 back surgeries, and feels that he is doing better, but now has
to work on his knees and elbows due to arthritis.

He is asked about
making peace with Warrior, and wanted to talk with him at the event, but was
asked to back off and not talk to Warrior until after WM. He tried to honor the
request, but then they saw each other and they had their talk and Hulk asked for
forgiveness. They made peace, and Hogan is thankful for that due to the timing
of Warrior’s passing.

Hogan is asked about the newer crop of talent, and
puts over all three former Shield members. Ambrose reminds him of Piper on
another level. Rollins does amazing things in the ring, and then there is
Reigns, who he looks at as a larger than life version of himself. They are
babies in wrestling and have a great future ahead of them. Daniel Bryan stepped
up, changed the business for a lot of guys and allows the fans to live through
him as a workingman’s champion.

Hogan says that Nick isn’t looking to get
involved in wrestling, he got banged up and is now working as a DJ. The
wrestling was a flavor of the week thing for Nick.

Hogan says that he
rewatches a lot of old matches, especially some of his Japan work. He says he
forgets a lot of what he did, and it is cool to go back and see that.

puts over how big Rocky III was for him. Stallone was such a huge star, and was
looked at as bigger than life. And then Hogan got the role and stood toe to toe
with him, and it clicked for everyone.

Discussing SNME, he felt that the
big network deal could be huge, and the NBC relationship was huge for WWE and
NBC; it was a good idea for all involved.

He discusses his relationship
with Mr. T, they had the same agent and became friends that way. Hogan did the
A-Team, and then T came in for WM. T hasn’t changed since the day he met

He felt a ton of pressure at WM 30, and was glad to be accepted by
the crowd. Hogan is also asked about the way WWE is being careful and treating
older talent like he and Flair. He says that there would have to be an extreme
circumstance for him to get into the ring, but now, he wouldn’t feel comfortable
doing so. He’d love to down the road, but not now.

Hogan loves wrestling,
and says that it is as old as time. Warriors battling, good vs. evil, and the
WWE delivers guaranteed entertainment every time out for a good price with the

Hogan admits to being a beach bum in his free time with his
wife, kids and his dogs.

The call ended at 1:33PM ET.

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