Highlights From The GFW Conference Call With Bruce Prichard & Dutch Mantell


Here are the highlights from yesterday’s GFW conference call with GFW officials: Bruce Prichard & Dutch Mantell.

All of the highlights below were transcribed by RealSport101.

Will GFW Impact Be Leaning Towards A More PG-Friendly Show?:

Mantell: “Well, I think we are going to go with programming that suits the viewership. As far as more edgier that is a possibility, but not necessarily the way we are going to go. Konnan with the wire cutters, that’s Konnan, that’s his personality coming through and I think he’s adding a touch of realism to it and I think that’s what some folks are missing. You talk to Konnan for five minutes and you’re going to get what Konnan is really like. Sometimes people play a character and sometimes people are the character, Konnan is really like that.”

Rey Mysterio Coming To GFW:

Prichard: “The latest I heard was that negotiations were not officially underway but unofficially we were talking to him and he would be a great addition. I can’t add anything more to that.”

Jack Swagger:

Mantell: “Well I have talked to Jack and since he has left WWE he has expressed an interest. I have expressed an interest in him, but he was on the road for 10 years with WWE and I think right now he is enjoying his time off. But as to the question, I am interested; I think he is a great talent and a great performer. Even better than that, Jack is a great guy to be around. Great athlete, great brand and I think we could possibly see him in GFW in the future.”

Any Chance Of GFW Broadcasting Live From The UK?:

Prichard: “I was recently in the UK and it was great. I found the fans to be absolutely amazing; it was a great time and a great week. I got asked this question every single night: at some point, would a major company to produce a PPV live from the UK? My answer is yes. I think that there’s the opportunity to do that, again, it’s about the way that people view television and view the product now. Being able to distribute it through the internet, live, makes it an event. I don’t think people say ‘I only want my wrestling on Sunday at 6 o’clock.’ I think that if you were to deliver something to them that was unique and that they are interested in, they’ll tune in at 12 in the afternoon; they’ll buy it and maybe watch it a little later. I don’t watch live TV anymore, I DVR everything, I go back and watch it at my leisure. I think if you were to ask most of my friends and most of the people I know, that’s how people watch TV now. I do believe that there are opportunities to present a huge event, a special event, be it PPV or what have you in the UK at some point and probably closer in your future than you think.”

The Departure Of Davey Richards:

Prichard: “I didn’t even know he was studying to be a doctor. I knew he was diabetic, I knew that but him being a doctor. I wish him all the success in the world. That’s great to be able to help people. I know he had tremendous passion for professional wrestling and my dealings with him were very professional. What always stuck out to me about him was his passion, he really had a passion for this business. I hate to see him go and the door is always open for his return.”

Mantell: “Same here. It’s always a shame to lose talent but I know he also has a passion elsewhere that he wants to pursue and to not pursue that passion, shame on him if he doesn’t. I wish him the best of luck.”

The Management Now Compared To TNA’s Management:

Prichard: “For me from a talent standpoint, it’s working with Jeff and that’s just a completely different environment from what it was before. I sit there and I talk to him about the business and we talk about the future and I believe there is actually an understanding. I do believe the folks at Anthem have placed their confidence in him and the folks like Dutch and Jeremy that are involved now. Anthem trust that they know what the hell they are doing. They allow them to do it and not come in and say no, you know what, we do it this way up here in Canada so I want you to do it this way. They’re actually allowing the business to be run and are listening to folks who have actually done it before, so the environment is night and day and frankly that was one of the selling points for me coming back into the fold. It’s a completely different company is the short answer compared to what it was when I left.”

Mantell: “I have to agree with what Bruce said. We talked about models and we talked about this and that but really ownership sets the tone. The tone before I always felt was a bit off. I didn’t really know who was in charge. In WWE, there is one guy in charge and you know that’s Vince McMahon. The previous management was a bit like a rudderless ship; you didn’t know who was running things but that’s totally different now.”

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