Highlights From The GFW Knockouts Conference Call With Karen Jarrett, Sienna & Laurel Van Ness


Earlier today, GFW held a teleconference call with GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna, Laurel Van Ness & Karen Jarrett.

Here are the highlights from the conversation: (transcribed by RealSport101)


Impact Wrestling Starting The Women’s Revolution:

Sienna: “I do 100% believe that the Knockouts started the Women’s Revolution. If you want to label it, the Knockouts were the first women to do this stuff on TV back in 2008/2009. Right now, I think that a lot of other companies have jumped on board and it’s a trendy thing to have women in the main event. Everyone wants to have women’s tournaments and whatever. The Knockouts set the bar ten years ago and I do believe that we’re well on our way to bringing it back to that, to where it originally started.”

Van Ness: “I agree with what Sienna said as far as taking credit for what we’ve done in IMPACT. I really don’t mind who wants to take credit. At the end of the day, if you look back in history at the matches that Gail and the girls were having, that’s proof right there that the Women’s Revolution started in IMPACT.”

Karen: “Absolutely. I think that TNA gave the women a platform that they could show themselves on and show they could do more than have a pillow match or a lingerie match or whatever type of gimmick you want to pull out. They showed their true talent and showed that they could compete just the same as the guys do. “

What Is Being Done To Spotlight The Women Of GFW Impact More?:

Karen: “Well, if I had names in mind I wouldn’t reveal them here but I do think that the Knockouts Division has taken a backseat. It should be put forward and there should be more females in the company. If you look at the ratings five or six years ago or you look at the minute by minute breakdown, some of the segments with the Knockouts were the highest rated segments on the show. There are extremely talented women out there on the independent circuit. I’m there and I’m going to make sure that the women get the attention and the platform that they deserve.”

Van Ness: “Right now, I’m really proud of what we’re putting out there. I think at this point it’s quality over quantity. What we’re putting out is quality wrestling and quality entertainment segments. I don’t necessarily think we need to put out three women’s matches a show, we’ll have one women’s match per show that is a kick-ass match that everyone is entertained by. That being said, of course I want for the women to get more time and wrestle as much as we possibly can but at this point, I’m so happy with the way that we’re going and the sisterhood that we have in the Knockouts division. We’re only getting better from here.”

Sienna: “I totally agree with that and I also think that a huge part of it is not just in the matches. I was going to say; just make me half the show and we’ll be good but I think we’re going in the right direction with one promo, but the women need the mic more in general. I’m very grateful that the company has had faith in me with a lot of the backstage and in-ring segments. I think that is really where character development lies and so a lot more women need to get comfortable talking because some of them aren’t. That’s throughout women’s wrestling in general, everywhere. Women in general do not like to speak and they need to. Another thing I would like is a lot more stipulation matches because I think the women would rock them and we can tear the house down with that kind of stuff just like the guys.”

How Encompassing Is Karen Jarrett’s Role:

Karen: “There’s a lot of others that are also involved like Bruce & Dutch. Obviously, I’ve never wrestled so I’m not involved in and have nothing to do with the in-ring or the character development, that’s up to the creative team and the agents. I am basically there to be a voice for the women and I want to make sure that we are showcasing our women to make sure they’re getting the time that they deserve. I work with them, talk with them and I’ve talked to a couple of girls this week just on attire, their music, different things like that. But I am there to make sure the girls are getting the time on our show that they deserve.”

Who Is Working On The GFW Knockouts Division Creatively:

Karen: “Everyone in creative is contributing on that. Obviously, Dutch, Scott and Sonjay are more in tune with it. It’s open to the entire room and everybody is throwing what they can against the wall but those three are incredibly gifted in dealing with it. It’s a team effort across the board.”

Thoughts On Gail Kim Retiring:

Jarrett: Obviously I’m sad to see her retire but I think she’s gonna do an amazing job in her new role and I feel that the girls are in for a rude awakening. Gail has been in this business for years and has a passion that you just cannot duplicate. I’m not saying other girls don’t have passion but Gail’s gonna make them work, she’s gonna make them train. It’s gonna be a whole new world for them, I’m excited to see where everyone goes from there; game on.”

Has Karen Ever Considered Wrestling:

Karen: “I have not. I did have a match with Jeff, my ex-husband and Chyna that I was in a little bit. I have incredible respect for what these women do, how hard they train and the dedication that they put into our business. I feel like it would be incredibly disrespectful on my end to think I have a place there. I absolutely 100% don’t think that is ever on the cards for me, that’s their place, not mine.”

Is There Any Knockouts That Sienna Would Prefer To Wrestle:

Sienna: “The first one that comes to mind is Taylor Wilde. I know that she doesn’t wrestle at all anymore but I remember watching her back in the day and she’s just a feisty little thing. I’ve never met her in real life but she’s small, so small that I know I could launch her across the ring. I want to say Awesome Kong as well, she’s bigger than I am so I know that there’d be a challenge there.”

Karen: “She’d absolutely destroy you”.

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