Hornswoggle Comments on the Vince McMahon’s Son Storyline


During a recent appearance on Wrestling Epicenter, former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle commented on his storyline with Vince McMahon, the Wee-LC match, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On it being difficult to go over the emotional aspects of his autobiography: “At times it was. But, at the same time, at times it was also self counseling. I feel like, after the book, I finally am passed all that stuff. Now, I’m just enjoying my life and enjoying each and every part of my life currently.”

On if he was always supposed to be Vince McMahon’s son: “As far as I know, it was always supposed to be Ken (Kennedy, Anderson). He finally admitted a few years ago, “Yeah, all right. Maybe it was suppsoed to be me!” (laughs) I owe Ken a lot in my wrestling career. It ended up not being him and that garnered me a huge role in the company.”

On if wrestling fans take this stuff too seriously: “Here’s the thing. Social media is the greatest thing that we, as professional wrestlers, could ever ask for because it helps us reach our fans directly. But, it also is a hindrance because it gives everyone a voice and some use that voice for negativity. Most people are much quicker to voice a negative opinion than a positive opinion on social media. I’m used to it by now. (laughs) I ruined the Cruiserweight division. I ruined the McMahon storyline! I ruined the General Manager storyline! But, it is OK! Because, as egotistical as it may seem, I was on TV living my dream!”

On his favorite memory during his WWE run: “I’ll never do anything greater than WeeLC. That is the greatest thing that I will ever do. We blew it out of the water. We went in knowing what people were expecting and we completely turned it 180 degrees.”

On his favorite action figure of himself: “WeeLC set. I love that set because on the back of my figure, it has my son’s name and handprints on it just like I have.”

On working with Rockstar Spud/Drake Maverick in Impact: “That was a lot of fun. I actually just spoke to Spud this morning. We had never really met before that… Maybe once or twice in passing. But, when we worked together, there was an immediate bond. And, we’ve been very, very close ever since then.”

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