Hornswoggle: “I Would Have Worked WWE Crown Jewel If Asked”, & More


In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Hornswoggle (Swoggle) revealed that he would have worked WWE’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia if they asked him to. The event was mired in controversy due to the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, with many calling for WWE to cancel the show. Here are highlights:

On if he would have worked Crown Jewel: “I did not get the call. I would’ve been there in a heartbeat.”

On Drew McIntyre’s main event push: “Not surprised one bit. Drew is a hell of a talent, and he’s a hell of a guy too, he truly is. He has grown so much as a performer, and I’m not surprised whatsoever.”

On what’s changed about McIntyre: “Maturity, it’s all maturity. He admits it, I just watched their Table For 3, and he admits there, none of them were ready. None of them were ready. Look at Jinder, Jinder wasn’t ready, and he had a world title run. I just think that we were all young and living life, and sometimes it takes losing that to make you realize what you have.”

On a 3MB reunion: “The reunion tour, we joked about that actually… It would be a funny reunion tour. I don’t know, I had so much fun with them and I owe them quite a bit for being part of this as well with me and getting me through. So I would love it, but those three are all doing their thing and I’m happy for each one of them.”

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