Hornswoggle Reflects On His Wee-LC Match With El Torito


Former WWE star Hornswoggle recently spoke with Colt Cabana of The Art Of Wrestling about various topics. Here are the highlights:

On the Wee-LC match he had with El Torito:

“Before Torito, it was never matches-matches. It would be me and Fit [Finlay] versus Tyson Kidd and Natalya or me and Fit against [Curt] Hawkins and [Zack] Ryder. Oh, Fit and I, sorry. English. Chavo [Guerrero], I worked with a lot at house shows or [Chris] Masters. But once Torito came around, it was awesome. That was the most fun I ever had. For easily my entire WWE career, that was the most fun I had. Thank you, [Wee-LC] was the best thing I ever did.” Swoggle continued, “that by far tops it for me.”

On El Torito:

“For me, I watched him all the time. Growing up, not really growing up, but no, I’ve watched him all the time as Mascarita and that. He can do anything, literally anything. There’s nothing that he can’t do. Actually working with him and I think just getting to actually wrestle for the first time, even on house shows, it was awesome, just getting out there and being able to wrestle because that’s all I really wanted to do. And I knew I could and they didn’t ever give me the opportunity to do that, so when they actually gave me that opportunity, it was awesome and I could hit the ground running, wobbling.”

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