Hornswoggle Reveals The Original Plans For His Anonymous RAW GM Character & Why They Failed


“The King Of Small Style” Hornswoggle was a recent guest on Eric Bischoff’s “Bischoff On Wrestling” podcast. Going forward, after Monday Night RAW, Bischoff will release a portion of his podcast and on this particular portion, Hornswoggle told Eric Bischoff about something that he could certainly relate to, being RAW GM.

Here is an excerpt from the podcast: (transcript by WrestleZone)

Hornswoggle: “I get a call from one of the writers and they say, “How is your New Jersey accent?” I said, “I can’t do accents, man.” He said, “Well start.” I said, “Ok.” He goes, “You’re going to be ‘Big Nick from Jersey’ and you’re going to be the RAW GM. You’re not going to be Hornswoggle. You pulled the wool over all the kids and their parents’ eyes and you’re going to be a heel GM.” I said, “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.” My character wasn’t talking at the time so I said, “So now I can talk and I’m a heel and I am somehow from New Jersey?” He goes, “Yeah!” I said, “And this makes sense?” and he goes, “YEAH!” So I said, “Ok, I will learn a Jersey accent.” I tried and tried and tried and couldn’t do it. Before the show we were doing rehearsals in the ring and while it’s going on, two of my best friends, Curt Hawkins and Kofi Kingston are sitting in the stands watching me fail miserably in these rehearsals with this terrible accent. Finally they just cut the microphone and just said it was awful, it was so bad. Something that was supposed to be a major heel GM run for several months turned out to be this one night and for nothing. It sucked, it really sucked because I could have talked and been a heel and that’s always something I wanted to do in my WWE run.”

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