​Hornswoggle Reveals Who He Owes His Career To, Discusses Working With Vince McMahon


Former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle recently appeared on “The Steve Austin Show” and discussed his recent WWE release, working with Vince McMahon, who he owes his career to and more. Here are some highlights:

On working with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon: “I was still so intimidated by him, I really almost feel mad at myself about that because I didn’t really ever ask him stuff about the [professional wrestling] business and about how he viewed things and that kind of stuff. And what happened because I viewed him so much like, ‘oh, my God. He’s my boss.’ I can’t say the wrong thing, I can’t ask him this stuff. But, I think, and I could be completely, 100% wrong, but Vince always wants to be viewed almost like a coworker instead of a boss. He wants you to be able to approach him with things and he likes being approached with ideas and things like that because, let’s be honest, he can’t think for every member of the WWE roster. He can’t, so he likes to be approached like that. And I always heard whenever people would call him ‘Mr. McMahon’, [he would say], ‘no, I’m Vince. That’s who I play on TV is Mr. McMahon.’ And that always kind of stood out to me. Like, okay, he really sees himself at the same level as everyone.”

On who he owes his WWE career to: “I owe Ken and Fit my career, fully, to be honest. Fit went to bat for me a lot of times, saying about how they use me or don’t use me, about how special and meaningful I was to the company. He saw a lot in me that even I didn’t see. He saw how the kids just loved me, absolutely loved me, and I was such a kid-friendly character and they just loved me, that he always went to bat for me and I appreciate that. [Finlay is] the smartest man in wrestling. I would fully go on record and say [he is] the absolute smartest man in wrestling, top to bottom, when it comes to finishes and anything. He just has that brain that if you can’t come up with something, or if he can’t even come up with something, he’ll say, ‘give me five minutes’ and he [has] got it. He [has] absolutely got it. And I was with him, him and I, for six years straight, and it was absolutely amazing. No one ever will have that stuff, that opportunity that I had, working so close with him and that means a lot to me.”

On John Cena always being there for him: “John Cena, he called me at 3:30 in the morning when Landon was born. It was the craziest thing ever. He called me just to touch base and see that everything was healthy. And, yeah, he [has] been there [for] a lot rough times with me when I had rough times on the road and stuff like that. He [has] always been there, and, whatever I needed, he was there for me.”

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