How Did Brock Lesnar’s UFC Meeting Go?, Russo’s Shoot


Source: The Wrestling Observer

— Brock Lesnar did meet with Dana White following the UFC 146 PPV event in Las Vegas. Word is that the meeting didn’t go over well. It is felt that if Lesnar’s UFC appearance is mentioned on RAW that the whole thing is a way of advancing his WWE storyline, where he has “left the promotion.” UFC had nothing to do with this other than Brock wanting a meeting with Dana White.

— Kayfabe Commentaries has announced that their first iPPV will go down June 1st when they host YouShoot Live with Vince Russo. Russo will be discussing his time in WWF, WCW and TNA and will be in front of a live audience that will have the opportunity to ask questions of him. The show can be ordered via

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