​How Is The WWE Network Running?, ‘YES!’ Chants/MLB Game


— As of midnight last night, the WWE Network is working fine on all systems
and all PPVs are available. WCW PPVs are back in the pay-per-view section and
out of the vault section on Xbox. The entire WWE library is available for Xbox
and tablet users.

— During a game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago Cubs in
Pittsburgh last night, there were “YES!” chants (along with hand motions).
Several chants made it on TV and were shown as the game went to commercial


— As previously reported, the latest on CM Punk and WWE is that neither have
had any type of communication and Punk has even kept out of communication with
close friends. As reported on prior to his departure from the company, Punk’s
current deal with WWE expires in July. The last official comment from WWE about
his status came from Vince McMahon back in February during the company’s 2013
fourth quarter earnings call where McMahon added, “CM Punk is taking a
sabbatical, let’s put it that way.”

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