How Old Is Lilian Garcia?, WWF Scratch Logo Update, & More


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— As previously reported, WWE recently stopped blurring the old WWF “Scratch” logo. The company has come to a settlement agreement with the World Wildlife Fund allowing them to use the logo in archival footage, as well as the WWF letters. They cannot promote themselves or the material as WWF, but they can play footage without censoring the logo and name. The company was seeking the agreement so that they didn’t have to do a massive amount of work blurring older footage for the WWE Network.

— Lillian Garcia turned forty-five years old on Sunday.

— As noted earlier, a sign was confiscated from a fan at the SummerSlam AXXESS event on Sunday in Los Angeles. The sign read “BE A STAR” and had a screenshot of Vince McMahon’s expression from a couple months back as he ridiculed Jim Ross’ bells palsy. As has been previously reported, there had been concern not long after the segment that it would blow up in the company’s face if media outlets picked it up because of their participation in the Be a STAR program.

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