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Dory Funk Jr. spoke to The Miami Herald about “how old is too old in pro wrestling” in light of Jerry Lawler’s heart attack on RAW two weeks ago. Here is what he said.

“How old is too old to run track, play basketball, do karate, work out at the gym, swim 200 meters, snow ski in the mountains, surf the big waves, throw a football, jump on a trampoline, play tennis or walk the high wire? If you are happy and enjoy doing what you do, why would you ever quit?”

Former WWE creative team member Court Bauer added the following.

“I wish it was as simple as my belief that everyone has a right to work. If you can pass your meds, then you should have the right to work. However, there’s no criteria that requires such in pro wrestling. The majority of states have deregulated wrestling, and even those that still maintain a commission are a farce when it comes to their meds and monitoring the wellness of talent.”

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