How Travel Quarantine Could Affect Pro Wrestling Events – Details


In an interesting turn of events, we have received word from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stating that people coming from outside the United States, then having to quarantine as per the announcement from President Joe Biden, could have a dramatic affect on all pro wrestling events. While President Biden didn’t specifically say how long the quarantine period would be (although, we can presume it would be for the 2-week period), there may be no exceptions to sports (or Sports Entertainment) athletes.

All wrestlers coming from Mexico, Canada, Japan and so on would need to test negative for COVID-19 before boarding their plane and heading to the United States. What this could mean is we may see more foreign based talent moving to the United States rather than choosing to travel back-and-forth out of country due to these guidelines.

Impact Wrestling could greatly be affected by this move the most, as the majority of their talent live in Canada. The list would include: Don Callis (who also works in AEW), Cody Deaner, Josh Alexander and various others. Other wrestlers like PAC (from AEW) could also be affected by this move. One other note is this could greatly impact (no pun intended) the AEW Women’s Tournament, as AEW had planned to bring in talent from Japan to compete.

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