How WWE Came Up With The ‘Excuse Me’ Angle


Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero have been busy on the interview circuit as they promote WrestleMania. The two spoke with Chris Van Vliet of WOIO in Cleveland, Ohio today. Dolph says in the interview that his first impulse was to say “No” to the Spirit Squad but changed his mind and that it got his foot in the door and motivated him to get better. He poked fun at the Miz, calling him “chubby,” and said he was looking forward to The Rock vs. John Cena the most at WrestleMania.

Vickie said she was looking forward to Triple H vs. Undertaker and said her “Excuse me” catch phrase came from her forgetting her promo one night and she said “excuse me” to stall for more time and the crowd booed her. Vince then suggested she try it again the following week.

Dolph also noted that his hair color change was because WWE wanted to see if he could still be himself, but not be too entertaining, to be taken seriously as a main-eventer. He said, “It just wasn’t me.” Check out the full interview below:

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