How WWE Found Out About RAW Mistake, Ambrose/WWE


— As noted before, WWE slipped up on RAW last night when John Laurinaitis said he re-signed Big Show on Saturday, before the Over the Limit pay-per-view. They later realized the error and fixed it saying Show and Laurinaitis had a verbal agreement until he signed the contract on Monday morning. According to a source, the error was actually in the RAW script. WWE didn’t realize the error until fans went crazy on Twitter and corrected them. They then had Michael Cole correct the error on TV.

— As noted earlier, WWE officials reportedly were close to putting the WWE Title on Daniel Bryan at Sunday’s Over the Limit pay-per-view. The topic of Bryan winning the WWE Title was being discussed a lot over the past few weeks. Apparently the talks got “pretty serious” but the idea was nixed and they went with Punk retaining the title.

— WWE developmental wrestler Dean Ambrose beat Alex Riley in a dark match before Monday’s Raw SuperShow in Richmond, Virginia. Prior to the match, Ambrose cut a promo vowing that a dark storm cloud would soon cover the WWE Universe.

— Michael Cole joked on RAW last night that Jerry Lawler and Vickie Guerrero wear the same kind of shirts. Apparently he was telling the truth as Vickie plugged Karmen’s Boutique in El Paso, Texas on Twitter: “Hey everyone, I bought my shirt at Karmens Boutique in El Paso. Jerry Lawler buys his shirts there as well, he loves my fashion sense”

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