How WWE Network Show Rankings Are Determined


Some were recently wondering how NXT Takeover: Brooklyn was the #1 ranked show on the WWE Network, beating out WWE Summerslam for a while. Did NXT Takeover at one time have more overall viewers than Summerslam did (live views + Video On Demand)? Well, not exactly.

On an edition of Wresting Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said he spoke to someone who works for WWE; the person confirmed that the rankings are based only on Video On Demand views, thus the live streaming numbers are, of course, not counted. Because it was the NXT show was on Saturday, it makes sense that a number of people watched it OnDemand instead of live. Either way, SummerSlam eventually passed Takeover. It is in fact still on top of the list.


Most people figured this out amongst themselves beforehand, but it is now confirmed.

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