HTM Denies A ‘Net Rumor + Orton’s Future Plans


— The February 2012 issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with Randy Orton and he is asked what he feels he still has left to accomplish. In his answer, “The Viper” says while the accolades are inevitable, there’s not too many wrestlers who possess an adequate match-up.

“I’ve got many years left on my contract. I’m not going anywhere. In terms of titles, championships runs and winning Rumbles, that’s inevitable. That’s going to come. I’ll win that championship fifteen more times!” he says.

“There’s not many guys in the locker room right now that I haven’t worked with or that I feel I can have that big WrestleMania match with. Who have I not worked with that’s anybody? Up-and-comers are being groomed to be the next top star, but will they ever get to where I’ve got?”

— The official Twitter feed of The Honky Tonk Man has once again disputed online rumors that the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all-time will take part in the WWE Network reality series WWE Legends’ House.

“Are you going into the WWE legends house ”No, haven’t been contacted,” the HTM Team wrote. “Piper started the rumour about HTM in the legends house. No beef with Piper.”

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