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NewsHuge Backstage Update - Jeff Jarrett's Promotion

Huge Backstage Update – Jeff Jarrett’s Promotion



Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The belief among many, and this is just locker room talk, is that Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion will start in January and CMT would be their cable television home.

The CMT rumors come from the fact that Toby Keith, who is rumored to be a big part of the financial backing of the company, has close connections with that network.

The rumors going around TNA is that Kurt Angle could likely be the lead star of Jarrett’s new promotion. While Angle and Jarrett have obviously had their issues in the past, the two are said to be on good terms right now. 

Angle’s contract with TNA is set to expire in the fall. Because of what happened with other high-paying contracts in TNA, such as Hulk Hogan, Sting and AJ Styles, many feel that Angle staying without taking a dramatic pay cut is unlikely.

One of the key ideas of Jarrett’s new promotion is to introduce a lot of new faces to the U.S. national scene. Jarrett has been doing a lot of talent scouting at independent wrestling events, as well as looking at videos of guys that people are recommending to him, including a lot of international talent.

Finally, there is talk that the promotion would open with a Jeff and Karen Jarrett reality show, a vehicle designed to build to the launch of their television show and the promotion itself a few months later.

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