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NewsHuge Breaking UFC News: UFC 151 Cancelled

Huge Breaking UFC News: UFC 151 Cancelled



The UFC held a special conference call today at 2PM ET, with Dana White in regards to the UFC 151 PPV, which takes place on September 1st. After much speculation that challenger Dan Henderson had been injured in training, Dana White says that they are canceling UFC 151, which is the first time they have done this in 11 years.

Dan Henderson has a partially torn MCL, and cannot fight in the main event. He says that they usually do not have to cancel an event, and finding someone to fight Jon Jones on 8 days notice, is difficult. He called one guy who took the fight, and that was Chael Sonnen. They started to work to make commercials, and he was going to do the call to make the announcement.

Jon Jones REFUSED to fight Sonnen on 8-days notice. He never thought that would happen.

Right now, UFC 151 is cancelled, and Jones vs. Machida will take place September 22 at UFC 152.

Dana says that Jones knew the event would be cancelled if he did not take the fight. Machida was in the air on the way home as this all went down.

Dana says that Greg Jackson told Jones not to take the fight, because it would be a mistake. Chael was willing to move up, and hasn’t trained, but was willing to take the fight against Jones. Dana says that showed lack of faith in Jones. Dana adds that Jackson is a “fucking sport killer.”

Dana is not sure how long Henderson will be out, but they cannot wait for him, and Henderson understood.

Machida is next in line, which is why they made the fight. Dana adds that Jones wouldn’t take any fight on short notice. Dana is amazed that Jones did not take the fight.

On Jones’ image, Dana says it is not good for Jones. UFC 152 is now UFC 151.

Dana says when you see moves like this, guys aren’t thinking about business.

Henderson may not get a title shot when he returns.

If this would have happened two weeks ago, it may have been another story, but he has had to deal with Jones and his “bullshit”.

Dana doesn’t really want to comment on Jones and his UFC sponsorship.

When asked about Chael baiting Jones, he says this was sudden and Chael didn’t know. He had to track Chael down to discuss the fight.

Dana says they have to figure out what to do with the fights that were initially scheduled.

Dana says his relationship with Jones has changed due to this.

Henderson acted fine on Saturday, but when he talked to him Tuesday, Henderson was trying to work through it. He saw the doctor, and he “could” fight with it, but would be nowhere near 100%.

On canceling the event, Dana says that it is a MAJOR deal. They lose a lot of money that has been spent, since they are 8-days out. On the tickets, fans will be refunded.

They made the official call to cancel one hour before the call.

Dana says that if they had a more bankable co-main event, he isn’t sure if the card would still happen.

On injuries and too many cards, he says they haven’t had a guy refuse a fight like this, especially a champion like this. He says they built the industry and that they know what they are doing. They have big things planned.

On promoting Jon Jones in the future, Dana says that he has been successful, but hasn’t been popular, and this will not help. He says he and Lorenzo are disgusted about this.

Dana says that Chael was a viable option because people would want to see it due to their smack talk.

When asked if Jones is afraid of losing the title, Dana says he is not sure, but he shouldn’t be.

Dana says normally Chael would have had to win three fights to get a title shot, but Chael was willing to step in and take the fight. Dana respects Chael for that.

He didn’t care about the possible backlash about Chael in the fight. Chael would have talked it up well.

Dana says that the cancellation is huge, they had the FX prelims, marketing and they spent a lot of money for the promotion of the fight.

He did not consider moving Johnson vs. Benavidez.

When asked about contracts and fighters refusing fights, Dana says that they cannot make someone fight. You either fight or you don’t. They have worked hard to promote the fight. Good for Jon Jones who is rich, but guys who feed their families lost out because you refused to fight. He can’t make him fight, but it is a bad idea to refuse.

On Jones fighting Machida, Dana says he will NOT refuse the fight. If he does, there will be another call and it will not be good. And you know what he means. Dana says Jones knows he is fighting Machida.

Dana says people paid for a LHW title fight, and people would have bought the Chael fight, because Chael would have fought his as off to become a champion. Chael would show up tonight and fight. Those are the guys he respects.

About the new title fight happening in Toronto, Dana says that they had a fight fall off that card, and he felt he had to do it.

Dana doesn’t know what to expect with Jones vs. Machida II, but he feels Machida will be extra motivated.

On the guys that lost out on the payday, Dana says Jones was selfish not taking the fight, and he hurt a lot of people by doing so. Jones will not be a popular guy due to this.

Greg Jackson said he is confused by Dana’s comments, and Dana says he doesn’t care. Greg Jackson needs a psychiatrist and should never be interviewed ever again.

Dana says UFC 151 selling out in Toronto today would make his day. Dana says they may have to open additional seating, and those are the problems he likes.

Dana thanks us for our time.

UPDATE: With Dan Henderson out of his Light Heavyweight Title fight at UFC 151 with Jon Jones, and the event cancelled, Champion Jon Jones now will fight Lyoto Machida at UFC 152. The flyweight title fight between Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson, will serve as the co-main event.

While it was mentioned on the conference call that UFC 152 would become UFC 151, the UFC has changed course and stated that Toronto will remain UFC 152 and UFC 151 will simply not exist.

UPDATE x 2: Greg Jackson was on Mauro Ranallo’s MMA Show and had the following to say in response of Dana White calling him a “fucking sport killer” for not allowing Jon Jones to fight Chael Sonnen on eight days notice. Here is what he had to say…

“I was asked if it was smart to take a fight on three days notice (very little training takes place in the final week so there were essentially three training days left for UFC 151) and I don’t think it’s smart to do that. Three days to fight a guy that caliber is not a smart thing to do. I’m not trying to ruin the sport or cancel an event. I don’t know about that stuff, but thought it wasn’t a wise course of action. Fighting on three days notice isn’t taking (things) seriously to me.”

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