Huge RAW Botch + Bryan/Cena SummerSlam Guest Ref.


— As announced on RAW, Triple H will be the special guest referee for the Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena WWE title match at SummerSlam.

— As many of you saw on RAW this week, there was a major botch during the AJ Lee/Natalya/Khali/Langston mixed tag-team match. AJ Lee clearly tapped out but the referee had his back turned and didn’t see it. Natalya quietly asked the referee to declare her the winner but he told her to re-do it. For those unaware, all WWE referees wear an earpiece where they are told time limits, spots, etc. The referee was clearly told from the back to restart the match and they did just that. Natalya won for a second time. Oooops!

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