Huge Update: Why Brooke Hogan Was Fired From TNA



UPDATE x 2: As we reported on Friday, Brooke Hogan has officially been released from TNA iMPACT! Wrestling. The feeling within the company was that her role as an on-air talent had pretty much run its’ course. As we noted, the split appeared to be amicable, as both sides seemed to agree that it was time to part ways.

According to one report, Brooke’s father and TNA executive Hulk Hogan was brought in on the discussions regarding the Brooke Hogan release, and appeared to agree that it was the right thing for business.

As far as Brooke’s future is concerned, she is said to be focusing more on non-wrestling projects at this point in time. Apparently the door is open for her to return to TNA at some point down the line, as long as it makes sense for all parties involved.

Additionally, financial considerations factored into the decision to cut Brooke from the company. The general feeling within TNA is that paying someone such as Brooke, who is a non-wrestler that didn’t really draw any added ratings or move any additional merchandise, is a luxury that the company can’t afford. Especially when you consider the fact that actual established in-ring workers are being cut left-and-right recently.

UPDATE: As noted earlier, Brooke Hogan has been released from TNA Wrestling. There were rumors in both the WWE and TNA locker-rooms over the past several days, especially on Thursday and Friday, that she had been released but we weren’t able to confirm it until today when TNA officials officially acknowledged it.

According to sources, the story making the rounds is that she was let go from the company on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. TNA officials are saying it’s due to “budget cuts” but others believe there is more to the story, especially with her father in the position he’s in with the company. Of course, there is always a chance that she’ll return down the line but as of now, she’s been released.

There was a “Brooke” tease by Bully Ray at the iMPACT! tapings last night but it turned out to be a swerve. You can click here to read the iMPACT! **SPOILERS** for next week if you want to know what happens. They basically called Brooke Hogan ugly. It’s also interesting to note that Hulk Hogan hasn’t been seen for weeks on iMPACT!. Hmmm.

ORIGINAL: According to a source, Brooke Hogan has been released from TNA iMPACT! Wrestling.

Apparently the story was going around the WWE lockerroom on Thursday, but the story wasn’t confirmed by TNA officials until today.

We should have more details on this breaking story later today.

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